About Us TrucksBill Lundquist, founder of Monster Vac originally got involved in commercial air duct cleaning when he was an HVAC contractor. A local restaurant had experienced a fire that was caused by an extremely dirty ventilation system. The dirt inside the air ducts ignited and set fire to one of the HVAC systems.  Additionally, the other 5 systems presented a fire hazard as well.  Bill was called on to evaluate the situation and provide a solution. After an exhausting search he was unable to find a company that could “clean air ducts”, so he took the task on himself and 25 years later, Monster Vac is the most respected name in commercial air dust and commercial HVAC system cleaning and maintenance.

Monster Vac has cleaned the HVAC systems of some of Colorado’s most iconic commercial buildings, including University Hospital, Denver Broncos Headquarters and the Colorado State Capital building to name a few.  These buildings required the highest level of competency and they chose Monster Vac to get the job done correctly.

Today, there are many local air duct cleaning companies. What makes us different? First and foremost we are a heating and air conditioning contractor that cleans air ducts, air handlers, furnaces, air conditioners and coils. We also have the most well-trained technicians in the business and of course, the most powerful one-of-a-kind vacuum trucks in the industry.

We’ve clean thousands of commercial HVAC systems through Colorado and have hundreds of references. You can trust Monster Vac to do the job right at an exceptional value. We welcome you to give us a call to learn more. 1-800-859-9811

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