Air quality in hospitals is critical.  Hospitals have to pay particular attention to indoor-air quality along with maintaining their heating and cooling systems. Patients with depressed immune systems can be highly susceptible to increased illness due to poor indoor-air quality.  Dirty air ducts can greatly add to the problem because they tend to build up large amounts of linen fibers that become a thick blanket that attracts bacteria, dust and mold.  When air passes over this material, it blows contaminants into patient’s rooms and other critical areas of the hospital, such as operating rooms.

Additionally, a dirty HVAC system corrodes mechanical components and causes costly repairs and replacement, not to mention decreased energy efficiency.  This is caused by a build-up of dirt, dust and linen fibers that literally chokes a hospital’s HVAC system.  If not thoroughly cleaned, the corrosion will eventually lead to heating and cooling equipment failure.  In the meantime, however, the system has to work harder and harder, greatly driving up energy costs through inefficiency.

Monster Vac has been cleaning hospital air ducts in Colorado for over 20 years and we’ve perfected our cleaning methods and systems to specifically meet a hospital’s needs.  We provide the most thorough hospital air duct cleaning with virtually no disruption to hospital patients or staff.  We’ve worked with many hospitals and many hospital facilities managers over the years to help them provide the best quality indoor air for their patients and staff.

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