Typical School Air Duct
Typical School Air Duct
If you are a parent, you should find out if your child’s air duct duct system at school has ever been cleaned. The image above indicates typical filthy conditions we find in most schools.
According to the United States Government Accountability Office, over 50% of U.S. schools have problems linked to poor indoor-air quality. With almost 56 million people (students, teachers and staff) or 20% of the population spending their days inside elementary and secondary schools, it’s easy to understand how poor indoor air quality can drastically affect your child’s education..  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), here are some of the problems that can arise from dirty and contaminated air that circulates inside a school’s air ducts:

  • Children are exposed to increased potential for short and long-term health problems, such as asthma, which is the number one cause of student absenteeism.
  • Increased student, teacher, and staff absenteeism due to airborne illnesses
  • Significantly reduces student, teacher, and staff productivity levels
  • Decreased life expectancy of your school’s expensive HVAC equipment and reduced efficiency of HVAC systems
  • Strained relationships among school administration, teachers, parents, and staff due to unaddressed concerns regarding indoor-air quality
  • Potential costly liability problems

If your child is chronically getting sick or complaining about dust and dirt in the air at school, call Monster Vac.  We will give you the tools to work with your school administrators to schedule a no-cost inspection of the air ducts and HVAC system.  From there, we can provide a full cleanliness assessment and determine if the HVAC system needs to be cleaned.

Monster Vac is nationally renowned for our ability to clean HVAC systems and air ducts in grade schools, high schools, colleges and vocational schools.  These types of systems require special training and skills to insure a complete cleaning job.

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