Furnace cleaning greatly reduces household dust and improves the performance of your system.  Dirty air ducts, fan motors and other components reduce efficiency choke your system.

When your furnace comes on for the first time, does it smell dusty?  Do different rooms of your house always have temperature fluctuations?  Do your energy bills keep going up and up?  If you’ve been told that you need a new furnace, chances are that’s not the case.  All you may need is thorough air duct and heating system cleaning.

The images below tell the whole story!  If your air ducts are obstructed from construction debris (picture #1), and years of dirt and dust circulating through your home, it stands to reason that your furnace isn’t going to be working properly.  Corroded fan blower motors (picture #2) have to work twice as hard when they are covered with caked on dirt.

Properly cleaning the system involves using high-powered equipment to remove debris and dirt deep inside your home’s air ducts.  Next, blower fan needs to be removed for a proper cleaning.  Finally, the cabinet and other components need to be cleaned with special tools to insure complete removal or dust and dirt.

Before you spend thousands on a new furnace, get your HVAC system inspected to see if a thorough cleaning is in order.

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